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Value Added Tax Advisory

Tax Consultancy Service

Every Company in Nigeria needs to understand the requirements of the Value Added Tax Act 2007. It is an important legislation. It defines VATable & Exempt for VAT goods. We have outlined 17 items in the Act in furtherance of our Tax Consulting Service in Nigeria. Briefly, companies need to know which goods and services that are VATabe and VAT-exempt. They also need to know when they must register, remit VAT collected, consequences and penalties for failure to render returns on due date, failure to remit VAT collected, keeping of proper records, Input VAT they have paid which they can claim to reduce their Output VAT etc. As leading Tax Consulting Service Company in Nigeria we help our client with Value Added Tax with the following service.


Value Added Tax

  • Registration of the Company with FIRS for VAT purposes
  • Preparing and filing its monthly VAT returns with the relevant local VAT office
  • Representing Company at routine VAT audits and attending to any queries that may arise
  • Providing VAT advisory service
  • Determining Input VAT claimable
  • Making Payments for VAT monthly on behalf of our clients

Payroll Services/Payroll Restructuring

  • Registering the Company and its employees with the relevant state Internal Revenue Service, etc
  • Developing tax efficient payroll structure and assisting the company in implementing the preferred option.
  • Customizing your payroll processing
  • Processing payroll and Payroll Administration
  • Computation/Remittance of employee PAYE and NHF contributions monthly
  • Payroll Revies and Restructuring for efficiency and compliance

Tax Consultancy Service

We render opinion on sundry tax and regulatory issues when required by the company from time to time.

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