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Management Consultants in Nigeria


FINANCE BILL 2019 We say a piece of legislation is a bill when it is yet to be passed as a law by the Houses of Assembly, it is termed a Bill. Finance Bill is a Bill contains legislations about a country’s finance just as the name suggest. It could be about taxes, government expenditures, government borrowings, revenues, etc. The…

Starting a Business in Nigeria as a Foreign Investor

Starting a Business in Nigeria as a Foreign Investor Are a Foreigner seeking to do investment in Nigeria? You have done your research about the opportunities in the country and you have decided that you want to open shop in Nigeria. As you may already know doing business as a foreigner is governed by the following basic laws. Companies and…

Company Formation in Nigeria

Steps: Engage a Chartered Accountant or Lawyer or Company Secretary to check for the availability of the proposed company name with the Corporate Affairs Commission. We recommend you suggest at least 2 names that are acceptable. If the name is approved, Corporate Affairs Commission will reserve it for 60days and if not approve a notice of denial will be issued…

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