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SME Advisory Services

SME Advisory Services Lagos.

SME Advisory Services

We are an SME Advisory Service provider in Lagos.We understand small business is the backbone of the economy, hence, our commitment to their growth and expansion, and investment in sustaining their development.  Our aim is to help our clients achieve their business goals, get them from their present state to their desired state. Our services include:

  • Arrangement of Start-up Capital

Our clients rely on our experience and foresight for profitable investment opportunities. Our clients have diverse interests, so we work to link clients seeking investments with those seeking opportunities in start-up capital, based on those interests. We support startup projects based on its financial potential.

  • Business Plan Preparation and Implementation

In Matog Consulting, we assist our clients in developing business plans from concept to and start-up of the venture, and implementation of strategies to ensure profitability and growth.

  • Development of Strategic Solutions

Our approach is unique to each client because of the uniqueness in challenges that SMEs face. We help our client to harness their dreams by providing analysis of business requirements, research and implementation of customer feedback, market analysis, and product feasibility and testing.

  • Financial Advice

We assist clients with the financial aspect of their businesses, so they can focus on and continue to do what they love to do long-term without fear. We handle their budgeting, management of financial investments and funds.

  • Business consulting:

Our experts provide strategic consulting and incubation support to our clients who are relatively in their early-stage businesses. The key to these services is the feedback we provide on the client’s business model, its operations and growth plan. A client receiving business consulting is also likely to be a candidate for grant support, capital raising or partnership development.

  • Project development:

We advise developers on aspects specific to developing an infrastructure project. This may include feedback on commercial arrangements, advice on operations and technical support.


  • Capital raising:

Capital raising involves investment readiness assessment, feedback on investor materials, selection of relevant financers, introductions and advice throughout the process. We help clients prepare for the process of raising capital, from the initial pitch to due diligence and financial close.

  • Partnership support:

We work with clients to develop partnerships. These clients may be early or later stage, and may or may not be new actors in the region. A large focus is placed not only on identification of partners, but also on working with the client to ensure a partnership is consummated and has the highest probability for success.

  • Support sustainable supply chains
  • Catalyze investment opportunities in emerging- and developing-market economies


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