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Company Formation

Nigerian Company law permits for the possibility of three types of , Business Name ,Company, Limited Liability (Ltd) or Private Limited companies (Plc) . The main difference is in the size of the share capital and the number of shareholders possible in each.
Our firm specializes in the incorporation of companies, registration of business name etc. This process is a relatively simple one and can be concluded in a matter of a few days depending on the availability of the necessary documents.
The main requirements needed are :
• Name of the company (Suggest at least 3).
• Object of the Company(Nature of Business)
• At least two Directors(for Ltd’s)


Business Name Registration

Business name registration is required where;
(a) an individual uses a business name or business names which differs in any way from his/her true surname. It makes no difference whether the individuals first name or initials are added. So registration of a business name is required if, for example, Mr. John Murphy traded as Murphy Builders but not if he traded as Murphy or John Murphy);

(b) a firm uses a business name which differs in any way from the true names of all partners who are individuals and the corporate names of all partners which are bodies corporate;

(c) a company uses a business name or business names which differs in any way from its full corporate name;

(d) a person having a place of business in the State carries on the business of publishing a newspaper.


We provide our clients with financial statements that are prepared in accordance with the laws and also meet accounting standards.

We advise clients on maximizing profits by Identifying areas to increase operational efficiency, profitability, and accounting and reporting, business controls etc and also updates clients of development in laws as it affects their business .

Specifically we cover Routine statutory audits, special audits, forensic audits and reviews, due diligence, regulatory compliance and corporate governance audit


Human Capital Outsourcing

We provide our clients with human capital that possess the skills and experience to man posts that are not in their core-business relevant for them to add value to our clients business

Human Capital Organization
We help company’s set up functional human resources unit, plan their organizational structure, develop job descriptions and implement best human resources practices.


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