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Pensions Advisory Services

Pensions Advisory Services:

Our experts from diverse, multi-disciplinary backgrounds, are here to help you to solve those challenges you face in your Pension Contribution.

Our varied backgrounds give the Matog Consulting Pensions Advisory team a unique ability to understand the current and future potential economic value of the Employer to the Plan, and also allow us to clearly identify and calibrate the options available to the Trustees, whether that be in relation to Scheme Specific Funding or transactions. Our services include:

Scheme Specific Funding Valuations:

We provide a proportionate assessment of the Employer Covenant strength and the affordability of future contributions.  We also advise on sponsor proposals to promote sustainable growth and on mechanisms for supporting and enhancing the outcome for the scheme.


We advise on the impact of transactions on the Employer Covenant.  These typically include Mergers (corporates and schemes), demergers, takeovers, re-financings, recapitalizations and substantial dividend payments.

Restructuring and insolvency:

We provide advice to trustees and sponsors in respect of both solvent and insolvent restructurings.  Solutions include Regulated Apportionment Arrangements, benefit re-design, Company Voluntary Arrangements and Administration.

Regulatory and expert witness:

We advise trustees or potential targets in respect of regulatory action by the Pensions Regulator.  We can also provide expert witness services in relation to Employer Covenant considerations.


Pensions Merger and Acquisition:

We support Corporate Finance teams, Private Equity investors, hedge funds, vendors and purchasers to understand the pension risks associated with a transaction.

Combine our actuarial and pensions tax consultancy services with accounting and corporate finance methodologies to provide broad-based, cohesive advice

Provide advice on current issues whilst developing strategies for the future that will allow employers to continue to help their employees to save effectively for their retirement

Offer a fresh, realistic perspective, coupled with straightforward communications

Combine our forward-thinking pension offerings with our local knowledge to provide tailored, progressive arrangements for Irish pension schemes.

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