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Management Information System

Management Information System

We can help in the design and implementation of  a structure that enables timely, relevant and accurate financial and non-financial information to be produced, tailored to your needs – a Management Information System. It’s a system which will help you to focus on maximising owner wealth, and assist decision-making. You can take control and monitor your profitability and identify what drives your costs. And you can assess the performance of divisions, departments or individuals, while evaluating the profitability of products, services or customers.

Services Provided:

Design and implementation of bespoke Management Information Systems

Cash flow, profit forecasting and budgetary control

Management control plans – getting the most out of your management information

Training for relevant team members

On-site and telephone support

Preparation of monthly/quarterly management reports

Periodical reviews of forecasts and budgetary control processes

Short and long-term strategic planning, preparation of business plans

Attending management and board meetings

Liaising with all relevant stakeholders

Unlimited access to advice on ad-hoc specialist issues


  • Preparing cash budget, cash flow statements, profitability statements, statement of sources and application of funds on periodical basis
  • Preparation of policy and procedure manuals including level of authority manuals
  • Financial management planning and financial policy determination
  • Capital structure planning and advice regarding raising finance
  • Working capital management
  • Budgeting including capital budgets and revenue budgets
  • SWOT analysis, GAP analysis and Product Life Cycle analysis,
  • Price fixation and other management decision making
  • Business policy, corporate planning, organisation development, growth and

Merger & Acquisition

  • Conducting Due Diligent reviews
  • Providing an assessment of the capabilities and attitudes of the target company management
  • Providing financial evaluation on various options available on typical deal structure to enable the decision on cost of acquisition of the target company
  • Providing sensitivity analysis, SWOT analysis and Value positives and Value negatives of the target company before merger and after merger with synergies anticipated out the merger.

Operational Improvement

  • Identifying Key Performance Indicators and conducting regular reviews
  • Preparation, assisting in implementation and periodical review of Profit Improvement Plan
  • Periodical reviews related to cost control and value analysis
  • Inventory reviews, Inventory management, material handling and storage
  • Review of existing Control methods and management information reports and reporting
  • Review of Overhead cost and suggesting plans for control of overhead cost
  • Setting up executive incentive plans, wage incentive plans.
  • Review of Organisation structure and behaviour, development of human resources including design and conduct of training programmes, work study, job description, job specification and evaluation of work load.
  • System analysis and design, and computer related services including advise for selection of hardware and development of software in all areas to achieve the maximum use of technology in creating competitive advantage.
  • Preparation of Operating, Organisational, Accounting Policies and Procedures manual and conducting post implementation reviews for the new Policies and Procedures
  • Assisting in the selection and recruitment of key finance executives.

Project Feasibility Studies AND Project Finance

  • Conduct study of the market demand for the products or services taking into account the local demand in Nigeria and the export potential
  • Preparation of SWOT analysis
  • Preparation of sensitivity analysis
  • Preparation of risk analysis
  • Financial Feasibility of the project based on financial evaluation methods such as IRR, NPV, Payback Period, ROI and cash generation potential and other balance sheet ratio analysis.

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