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International Debt Recovery Agents

International Debt Recovery Agents

International Debt Recovery is the collection of debts across a Country’s boarder by Specialist Debt Recovery Experts. As worldwide debt recovery agents, we offer international, cross boarder debt recovery services for our clients. Businesses that offer products/services to customers in International Markets will find a partnership with us working. Commerce requires that businesses offer some credit to their customers overtime which can become due with the debtor failing to settle past due obligations. It is far cheaper to engage an International Debt Recovery Agent to help when default occur

What is Debt Recovery?

According to Cambridge Dictionary, it is the process of making people or companies pay the money that they owe to other people or companies, when they have not paid back the debt at the time that was arranged:

“When problems arise, professional debt recovery has proved to be an effective way of regaining lost money”

We offer you a no recovery no fees debt recovery engagement. We save you the stress of having to deal with a recalcitrant debtor. We are paid only when we get results for you. In International Debt Recovery situations, you cannot but partner with an International Debt Recovery Agency like Matog Consulting with over 18years solving complex debt collection issues.

We maintain a partnership of debt recovery agents across several jurisdictions and assure of success in recoveries for our clients. Our Clients enjoy our special “No recovery, no fees” contract. Being a business across different counties, we perform due diligence on our Partners to assure that we only work with Debt Recovery Agents that have experience in collecting International Debts following local laws in their jurisdiction. Ours remain the best International Debt Recovery Agents you can work with at the moment with a rich history of “wins” wins” “wins”

Why engage as International Debt Recovey Agents

No Recovery, No fees

We offer you a No Recovery, No Fees debt recovery arrangement. We believe that we can recovery your qualified debt within the ambits of  the jurisdictions in which our Clients have debts to collect. We help you grow your cashflows as you don’t need to make any upfront payments or sign up fees.

Faster Results

We offer faster results for Clients while we do our work. We seek for quicker recovery, making use of all legal window to pressure deliquent debtors to settle their debts. Our expert negotiators and communicators come in handy. We also boast of a network of Attorneys who understand the law, commerce, culture of the juridiction where we operate.

Our Experience

Trust our experience to get the job done for you. We understand a lot of debt situation and tactics used by debtors to delay or repudiate payments. Our experience come in to bear in giving you the edge

Global Coverage & Network of International Debt Recovery Agents

International Creditors trust us for our worldwide coverage, vast markets, extensive network of professional debt recovery agents residing in the domain of the debtors.  Our team also boast of high level professionalism, belong to regulated profession in their jurisdiction and have the reach to get the debtor to settle faster and boost your cash flows

Global International Debt Recovery

Matog Consulting International Debt Recovery Agents boasts of a team of International Debt Recovery Agents and Affiliate Lawyers from some of the best economies in the World. Our people are well-versed in the nuances, customs, laws, traditions, regulations, culture, language, commerce, of debtor countries. Ours is based on recovery. We offer you bespoke solutions that enable you collect your international debt quickly and efficiently based on your situation. Ours is a firm that handles debt recovery in the most ethical and transparent manner.

Our Practice embrace the following as part of our work:

  • Hassle-free quotation
  • No upfront fees
  • No subscription
  • Ethical and Equitable Debt Collection
  • No recovery, No fee arrangement
  • Use of Local Debt Recovery Agents
  • National Debt Recovery
  • Report Delivery
  • Customized Reporting
  • Cost-Effective Debt Recovery Litigation
  • Face to Face meeting with Debtor
  • Debtor Account Management
  • Monies paid to Creditor, we don’t receive Clients monies into our Account.

Recovery your International Bad Debts Today

Features of International debt recovery

In International Debt Recovery, we offer both pre-legal and legal recovery actions. We pursue the debtor, engage them vide emails, phone calls, physical letters. In all cases, we will strive for a win-win such that we get the debtor to make payment without litigation. There are however instances recovery could not happen because debtor is either unwilling or reluctant, we will make recommendation for litigation to compel payments. When we secure agreement with the Creditor, we typically insist that the Creditor bear the cost of filing the action in Courts. We don’t charge fees for Court appearances till judgments.

We abide by the laws of the Country of the Debtor and also get our Partners to undertake to do so as they help us deliver on assigned debts. We work towards preserving the debtor’s rights and the partner agencies to put our Clients in difficult position.

Our Partner Agents comply with the laws of their Country. The Statute of Limitation of Rights of the Creditor is also borne in mind in accepting and in handling any of such debts for collection.

Our International Debt Recovery Agents, also utilize structure payments to ease the burden of debt repayments on debtors where the Debtors offers such a repayment plan. As International Debt Recovery work on Clients we assigned to them from Creditors who give us such jobs. We ensure that they do their work on behalf of our Clients who are the Creditors in recovery situations.

Why Use as International Debt Recovery Agents

International debt recovery agencies have the following advantages:

The International Debt Recovery Agents operates in the same jurisdiction with the debtor and can deploy popular and regular, legal channels to engage the debtor.

Since most charge No recovery, No fees, the cost of debt collection is lower for the Creditor. The Creditor is saved time and money as he only pays when he gets results save for cost of filing a litigation when it becomes necessary to aid the process. It is cost-effective and reduces cash outflows.

Creditors are saved Court Appearance fees with regular recovery when an International Debt Recovery Agents is not employed who charges No Recovery, No Fees.

Debt Collection Risk is reduced. International Debt Recovery Agents understands the intricacies of Debt Recovery more than a Company’s employee could do.

International Debt Recovery Agency work requires that best ethical and equitable debt recovery practices that aligns with local laws are deployed in the collections.

Creditors are also offered full litigation services for Debt Collections

Creditors are assured of all Taxes and Fees in a most professional, transparent and clear manner.

Creditors brand is preserved as International Debt Recovery Agents strive to maintain cordial relationship with the debtor.

Phases of International Debt Recovery

Pre-Legal Stage: International Debt Recovery Agents uses persuasion to get debtor to settle debts through phone calls, emails, letters, meetings.

Legal Stage: An action for Debt Recovery is instituted by the International Debt Recovery Agents upon obtaining Power of Attorney.  Judgment is obtained

Enforcement Stage: judgment obtained is enforced by (a) writ of fieri facias (b) garnishee proceedings (c) judgment summons, (d) enforcement of judgment for delivery of good, (e) payment by installment, (f) execution by writ of sequestration

Applicable Laws in International Debt Recovery

The applicable laws in International Debt Recovery will be those that prevail in the jurisdiction of the Debtor. The International Debt Recovery Agent will have to be familiar with laws and regulations that operates in such country so that in pressing for a a Claim in a Debt Recovery Assignment, the laws of that Country is respected without the rights of the Debtor breached with unpleasant consequences for the Creditor and our Client.

Laws are therefore limited to each debtor country.

Worldwide Coverage

Global debt collection presents a unique set of challenges. Different jurisdictions, time zones, languages, currencies, cultures, and regulatory regimes all make International collecting a complicated process.

Issues in International Debt Recovery

When you engage an International Debt Recovery as a Creditor, the following are some of issues you are expected to face. Different legal systems, language, time zones, currencies, cultures, laws etc. Matog Consulting’s International Debt Recovery Practice saves you the stress in handling the debt recovery yourself as we work with Partners in the locations of the debtors. With Business to Business Debt Recovery, we make it fairly straightforward.

Find the No 1 International Debt Recovery Agents here

Are you an International Creditor? You have a debt in a foreign jurisdiction which has become past due and proving difficult to collect? Our team of International Debt Recovery Agents backed with the best commercial lawyers. Matog Consulting have the network to recovery the past due debts. One more thing, payments are made by the Debtor to you directly.

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Our practice include litigation to compel payment by the debtor. We go beyond the regular letters, emails, telephone calls and meetings. Once we secure judgment against a defaulting debtor, we go for enforcement. We advise enforcement process depending on our knowledge of the debtor, our laws, and your update. Above all, we don’t charge a dime for Legal Representation and pride ourselves on getting our fees from Recovery of the outstanding debt.

Global Coverage

We recover for Clients in Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America. Our Clients in Europe come from France, Germany, UK, Italy, Lithanua, and while our Clients from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji & Vanuatu. In North America, some of our clients are from The United States of America, Canada. In Asia, our major clients come from China. African Counties we cover include Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Benin Republic, South Africa etc.

Our Debt Recovery Procedure

The International Creditor engages us vide a letter of appointment and Power of Attorney, we share our standard debt recovery agreement for you to review and sign off. We receive the full details of the Debtor;

Such Details will include: Name of Debtor, Amount Owed, Interest Accrued, and Physical Address, Email Address, Phone Nos, Invoices, Waybills/Delivery Notes, Contract Signed, Agreements, Statement of Accounts, KYC’s Letters of Offers & Acceptances etc.

Industry We Service

  • International Trade
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Media & Telecommunications
  • Hotel & Travel
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Government & Diplomatic Institutions
  • Commerce & Consumer
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Transport
  • Power & Utilities

Why engage us for Global Worldwide International Debt Recovery today?

We remain an International Debt Recovery Agency with network across the globe. Our team are experienced in Laws and Commercial Transactions. We ensure that  we approach our work with utmost professionalism. We also offer Litigation free of charge as our Affiliate Attorney’s don’t charge a fee for representation during the legal stages and also enforcement.

Our Clients also enjoy High Success Rates, International Network of Debt Recovery Agents, Specialist Debt Recovery Experts, Cross boarder Jurisdiction, Access Knowledge, culture and language, save time, peace of mind, customized solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we engage Matog Consulting?

We are Professional, Result-driven, ethical, dependable, client-focused, experienced, knowledgeable in Law, Commerce and Relationship Management.

What does it cost to engage us?

No upfront fees. We work on the principle of No Recovery, No fees. Our Client only bear Cost of Filing a Matter in Court. No Court appearance fees. We believe in recovering the debt. You don’t bear unnecessary legal cost should litigation recommended as an option to recover is accepted by you.

What is the minimum no of account do you accept?

We have no minimum no of account receivable for us to recover

What is the minimum debt size?

₦1,000,000 or USD Equivalent

What type of debt do you accept?

We accept all types of debt.

How long will your pre-legal recovery efforts take?

It depends on the case and situation of the debtor. The extent to which he is willing to settle the debt, admittance of the debt, disagree with the amounts owed, the financial situation of the debtor.

What is your Debt Recovery Process?

Demand Letters, Reminders, Phone Calls, and Personal Visit on schedule, Memorandum of Settlement, Litigation & Enforcement of Judgments.

What is the Age of Debts you accept?

We accept debts not older than 6years.

Do you provide Field Services?

We hold schedule meetings at times convenient with the Debtors. No field agents.

Is Documentation needed?

Yes. We require documentation to be able to know how to negotiate with the debtor, the nature of the debt, be put in position to get the debtor to admit the debt

What type of Documentation do I need?

Invoices, Delivery Notes/Waybill, Statement of Account, Work Orders, Purchasing Order, Letters of Awards of Contracts, Agreements, Offer and Acceptance of Loans, Evidence of payments made, email correspondence, records of phone calls, SMS Chats, demand notices, admittance by the debtors of the debts , undertakings, promissory notes, dishonored cheques, etc. and also evidence that support the claim.

Do you offer Litigation Services if Pre-legal action fails to compel repayment of the debt?

Yes, we do in affiliation with a team of Legal Practitioners who work with us to deliver this service. Gainfully, no fees are paid for Court appearances.

Are collection fees legal to be added to the balance owed for both consumer and or commercial debt?

Yes, if same was incorporated in or contemplated by the Contract. Otherwise a victorious party in a litigation would be entitled only to Costs

Other Conditions?

We will be happy to accept recovery action for debtors in good financial standing and in a position to pay the debt or have assets that can be seized and auctioned in events we have to get them to pay through litigation and they failed to satisfy the judgment debt after mediation failed.

Our Engagement Process

Step 1

You contact our office either by mail, visit, phone call

Step 2

We negotiate and agree on our fees for the service

Step 3

You give us a letter of appointment as Debt Recovery Agents

Step 4

We sign the Debt Recovery Agreement

Step 5

We receive the portfolio of debtors, contacts details, phone nos, emails, addresses, statement of account, invoices, agreements Invoices, Delivery Notes/Waybill, Statement of Account, Work Orders, Purchasing Order, Letters of Awards of Contracts, Agreements, Offer and Acceptance of Loans, Evidence of payments made, email correspondence, records of phone calls, SMS Chats, demand notices, admittance by the debtors of the debts and also evidence that support the claim.

Step 6

We commence work

Step 7

We provide periodic reports, recover the debts. Debts are paid to your account.

Legal Approach to recover debts

  • Recovery through the Issuance of Writ of Summons
  • Recovery through application for Summary Judgment
  • Recovery through application for Mareva Injunction
  • Recovery through writ of execution

Our Demand Letters contain the following particulars

  • Circumstances leading to the Debt
  • The amount involved
  • The particulars of the Debtor
  • Particulars of the Client
  • Set time for payment of the debt, say 7days

More details

Do you require more information on how we can help you with this service, reach us today. We will be glad to offer advisory on how we can help you based on the story you have for us. You can call our experienced International Debt Recovery Agents on +234 8023200801 or email You can also share your requirements by completing our request for proposal

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