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Insolvency & Corporate Reengineering Services

Insolvency and Corporate Reengineering

Insolvency and corporate reengineering is redesigning or reinventing how people perform their daily work, and it is a concept that is applicable to all industries regardless of size, type, and location. The intent of corporate reengineering is to make organizations significantly more flexible, responsive, efficient, and effective for their customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

In Matog Consulting, we offer insolvency and corporate reengineering to our different clients in different sectors of the economy. Some of our clients are: Banks and other financial institutions, Companies from the Agricultural sectors, Oil/Gas, mining, forestry; also companies from light and heavy industry; and tertiary

Requirements for Successful Corporate Reengineering

Many experts indicate that there are essential elements of corporate reengineering, including:

  • Initiation from the top by someone with a vision for the whole process and relentless deployment of the vision throughout the organization.
  • Leadership that drives rapid, dramatic process redesign.
  • A new value system which includes a greater emphasis on satisfying customers and other stakeholders.
  • A fundamental re-thinking of the way people perform their daily work, with an emphasis on improving results (quality, cycle time, cost, and other baselines).
  • An emphasis on the use of cross-functional work teams, which may result in structural redesign as well as process redesign.
  • Enhanced information dissemination (including computerization after process redesign) in order to enable process owners to make better decisions.
  • Training and involvement of individuals and teams as process owners who have the knowledge and power to re-invent their processes.
  • A focus on total redesign of processes with non-voluntary involvement of all internal constituents (management and non-management employees).
  • Rewards based on results and a disciplined approach.

With our exposure on the Nigerian Economy and our vast knowledge on how companies from different sector of the economy operate, we render the following services to our clients:

Our services are:

  • Conducting independent business reviews
  • Advising on business structures and performance improvement
  • Rescuing, restructuring or realising illiquid or insolvent businesses
  • Establishing and operating creditor moratoriums
  • Recovering, rescheduling and converting debt
  • Optimising returns for stakeholders
  • Investigating business failures and challenging antecedent transactions
  • Investigations
  • Winding Up by the Court
  • Business Diagnostics
  • Organizational Audits
  • Corporate Re-engineering: Review of Business Process with Cost-cutting in mind
  • The organizational audit which questions the business model, its structures, and strategies and proposes solutions to present context.
  • Design of re-structuring plans with short-term and long-term options.
  • Acting as Intermediary in Trust relationships
  • Assets Tracing
  • Operational & Financial Restructuring for Distresses Companies
  • Lender-led Restructuring
  • Scheme of Arrangement
  • Advising Boards & Non-Executive Directors
  • Restructuring Advisory
  • Restructuring and Corporate Insolvency in Nigeria
  • Turnaround Advisory
  • Borrower Representation
  • Financial Advisory Service for Post-Restructuring
  • Agent Management
  • Winding Up:
  • Voluntary Winding Up: Members Voluntary Winding Up or Creditors Voluntary Winding Up
  • Receivership and Management
  • Receivership
  • Management
  • Security recovery and Realization
  • Negotiations with secured creditors
  • Security Enforcement: Strategies and Implementation, Security Reviews, Recovery Proceedings


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