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Feasibility Studies Business Plan

Matog Consulting is company of choice for feasibility study and business plan writing. We are feasibility study and business plan experts in Nigeria. Whether you require a feasibility study to evaluate the market for your new product or a business plan to take advantage of an existing market, you should look no further.


If you are an existing business and you need to take your business to the next level, you certainly will require a business plan expert to support you in documenting your plan in a most professional way. Our business plan are written to target the intended parties in mind. We note that your business plan could be to seek new investors, raise fresh equity, secure new loans from lenders, support a public-private partnership, to be part of a group of strategic investors, or working with other partners, need to make new investments, planning to sell a business or do a valuation of an existing business, or just to run the existing business. The business plan is a guide and can point in the direction of risk, market for product and financial viability of an investment. We offer the following

Feasibility Studies & Business Plan 

  • Conduct study of the market demand for the products or services taking into account the local demand in Nigeria and the export potential
  • Preparation of SWOT analysis
  • Preparation of sensitivity analysis
  • Preparation of risk analysis
  • Financial Feasibility of the project based on financial evaluation methods such as IRR, NPV, Payback Period, ROI and cash generation potential and other balance sheet ratio analysis.
  • Detailed Financial Forecasts, Profit & Loss Projections, Proforma Balance Sheet, Proforma Cash Flows Statement, Cash Budgets, Ratio Analysis
  • Valuation of Companies resulting from the projections, Break-Even Analysis
  • Production Plans, Marketing Plans, Operations, Management, Product Plans, Procurement Plans, Personnel Plans
  • We review forecast on Operating Expenses, Capital Expenses,Inflation, Interest Rates, Borrowing, Equity Injections and working capital.

As leading Feasibility Study and Business Plan Experts in Lagos Nigeria, we put our customers first. We gather relevant data to support our forecasts. Where necessary we do do market surveys in addition. The outline of sample feasibility study and business plan is so detailed. We do not come cheap but we assure our clients of excellence in delivery. We are the trusted name in feasibility study in Nigeria because we have experience, speed, service, technical skills in financial modelling, understanding business drivers in various industries, risk assessment accuracy, provide our clients with accurate information on the projects or investments as we do site visits, economic analysis.

Go ahead, contact us today for results. Call Matthew on 08023200801, 08075765799. You can also reach him on

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