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Company Income Tax Service

You are an entrepreneur, great. Your company is registered a limited liability company and you need to obtain tax clearance? You need may be that you require a company or tax expert in Nigeria to guide you to complying with the tax laws as it affects your company? Are you struggling with knowing how to enjoy the various options available to you within the tax laws to minimize your company’s tax liability? You want to avoid tax, which is legal. Look no further, as tax experts in Nigeria, Matog Consulting is here to help you navigate and solve the complex tax problems you may be confronted with. Specifically we  help our clients achieve results in our Tax Consulting practice in the following ways:

Companies Income Tax (CIT)

  • Registration of companies with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) for CIT purposes.
  • Preparation and filing of the company’s annual companies income tax returns with the FIRS
  • Processing and obtaining Tax Clearance Certificate(TCC) for the Company
  • Liaising with the FIRS to resolve queries and issues relating to CIT if any
  • Representing the company at tax audits conducted by the FIRS and other regulatory authorities and resolving issues that may arise therefrom
  • Review of corporate tax records to determine extent of compliance with enabling legislation and identify areas of potential exposure
  • Provision of advice, based on experience, on the tax implication of new laws, transactions and services.
  • Review of corporate tax records to identify possible tax planning opportunities to legitimately determine corporate tax exposure.

Our Tax Consulting Experts in Nigeria have the experience, and training and also have forged relationships with Revenue Officers across Nigeria and are positioned to help you achieve your goals of either complying with the tax laws, minimizing your tax liability or obtaining tax clearance to enable to do your business without let or hindrance. As you know non-compliance with the tax laws exposes your company to huge risks. It is high time you talk to an experts who will take the headache off you while you focus on the more strategic issues.

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