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Change Management Services


Change Management Services can be defined as a planned approach to integrating technological change. Change management is a set of theories, tools and tactics that help organizations, groups and individuals to quickly achieve effectiveness in a new state and ensuring that the change effects will last.

At Matog Consulting, we assist our clients to plan and execute change management service programs by developing comprehensive and effective change strategies that do not affect their business operations whenever changes occur in their organization.

Services that we offer:

Program Management Planning

At Matog Consulting, we work with your organization to create a program management plan that will help your organization to:

  • Effectively managing resources;
  • Manage risks, issues and changes;
  • Achieve the overall strategic goals of an organization;
  • Focus on definition and management of strategic benefits;
  • Improve management of projects interdependencies and impact on the business.

Organizational Change Strategy

Organizational change management addresses the people side of change management. We help companies nourish a work culture that thrives.

Organization Realignment

Organization realignment rearranging of positions and responsibilities or re-positioning of divisions in an organization, along with changes to their operating units, processes and position responsibilities.

Our business managers possess track records of achieving operational and strategic efficiency and effectiveness through effective organizational realignment.  Our services are tailored to optimize the alignment of your organization with your business strategy.

Business process design and re-engineering

We offer business process design and re-engineering services that help businesses achieve dramatic improvements in critical aspects like quality, output, cost and service. Business Process Reengineering seeks to minimize costs and process redundancies.

Organization structure development

Organizational structure provides companies with a visual representation of how the organization is shaped and how it can best move forward in achieving its goals.

Matog Consulting helps businesses put in place organizational structure development programmes which define each employee’s job and how it fits within the overall system.

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Performance Management Systems

Performance management systems are approaches used to measure the performance of employees.

We offer the following performance management services:

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are narratives that are written which describes the tasks, duties and responsibilities of a position.

New Hire Paperwork

Hire of new employees comes with a lot of paperwork. We take the stress of you by collecting your new employee information.

Performance Reviews

We conduct performance reviews which allow organizations to set goals and provide feedback that employees need to succeed within their organization. We document reviews that keep employees performance in check and which also protects the organization against claims.

Employee Rewards Programs

We help organizations set up a system for rewarding exceptional performance, which comes in the form of a pay raise, job promotion and other incentives.


When promotions occur in the workplace, we help organizations review the job description for the new position, establish clear policies, and implement pay changes.


We help organizations take the necessary steps for employees to efficiently make the switch to a different position, department, or location.


Our HR experts help create termination policies and release form and act as a witness to make businesses stronger and safer.

Strategy deployment programme and facilitation

Strategy development programme and facilitation is the process of deciding the best course of action for accomplishing organizational objectives and hence achieving organizational purpose. After conducting environment scanning, managers formulate corporate, business and functional strategies

We work with our clients to help them turn brilliant strategic thinking into brilliant results

Resource development and training

To meet current and future business demands, training and development has assumed its strategic role in organizations.

At Matog Consulting Ltd, we provide development and training services that help in the following ways:

  • creating a better corporate image
  • increasing the productivity of the employees
  • optimizing the utilization of human resources
  • inculcating the sense of teamwork, team spirit, and inter-team collaborations
  • improving the health and safety of the organization thus preventing obsolescence

Organization Development & Integration

An organization’s success is dependent on the performance of its employees, vendors and stakeholders as well as the organization structure that provides goals and objectives, leadership and management.

At Matog Consulting, we have developed a series of tools, assessments, workshops, surveys and performance management tools that are focused on maximizing the effectiveness of an organization’s workforce.

Transition & Impacts Analysis

Our consultants have experience in analyzing change, assessment, data collection, organizational alignment and implementation phases.

We are experts in financial analysis, merger & acquisition, due diligence, and fund development.

Communications Strategy & Development

Communication strategy sets the tone and direction which allows all communication activities, products and materials work in harmony to achieve the desired change.

Are you interested in hiring a speaker? Reach out to us. We are specialists in moving audiences through times of change using our own expertise and methodology to create communications strategies.

Business Process Documentation

We provide business process documentation services which can be described as a sequence of activities necessary to perform specific business services or products and is used to standardize procedures and establish best practices.

Education Strategy & Development

Our facilitators who are the best in their field, deliver engaging educational contents. Our education and strategy development services offer the following:

E-Learning Development

  • End-to-end project management
  • E-Learning course development
  • Content assessments
  • Course evaluations

Content Enhancements

  • Branding guides
  • Transition of text-to-graphics
  • Language translations
  • Whiteboard animations
  • Interactive videos
  • Infographics

Webinar and Instructor-Led Training

  • Course materials, including facilitator guides, participation guides, and PowerPoint presentations
  • Subject matter expert instructional and webinar coaching

Learning Strategy

  • Resource gap analysis
  • Project planning
  • Design tool and vendor selection
  • Budgeting
  • Assessment and design
  • Prototype development

Marketing and Sales Strategy

  • Marketing strategy
  • Content deployment strategy
  • Blog articles
  • Sales funnel automation
  • Social media campaign development

Transition & Performance Analytics

Transition and performance analysis is useful for organizations as they help organizations in the following ways:

  • Anticipate trends: carrying out transition and performance analysis helps organizations to monitor performance in order to identify areas for improvement and detect service bottlenecks before they occur.
  • Prioritize resources: transition and performance analysis brings clarity to what matters in an organization
  • Maximize automation and self-service Pinpoint where automation and self-service can increase efficiency.
  • Guide continual service improvement

Staffing Solutions

We offer customized staffing solutions that cover a wide range of industry. From short Assignments to full-time hires, whatever your requirements are, we will find people who meet the unique needs of your company.

Our services include:

  • Placement;
  • Temporary staffing;
  • Long-term staffing.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We provide high-quality merger and acquisition services and aim to maximize our clients’ satisfaction. Involve us in your M&A plans and we will make a good proposal on the mergers & acquisitions services you require.

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