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Business Analysis

Market Research

MARKET RESEARCH By Ayoade Apelegan INTRODUCTION Market research provides researchers with a wide range of information ranging from, consumer purchase intentions, or feedback about the growth of the target market. It also provides an avenue to discover valuable information that will help in estimating the prices of their product or services and find a point of balance that will benefit…

Managing Business Inventory

MANAGING BUSINESS INVENTORY By Ayoade Apelegan WHAT IS INVENTORY MANAGEMENT? Inventory management is a part of supply chain management that focuses on having the right products in the right quantity for sale, at the right time. The goal of inventory management is to minimize the cost of holding inventory by helping business owners know when it’s time to replenish products…

How to Conduct Competitor Analysis

HOW TO CONDUCT COMPETITOR ANALYSIS By Ayoade Apelegan As a business owner, it is important to acknowledge the presence of your competitors. Acknowledging the presence of your competitors amongst other things helps; You to understand who your target audience is  To know your position in the marketplace Distinguish your business from those of your competitors. You to determine the future…

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