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Our Management team


We believe a management team should be knowledgeable, accessible and prepared to render professional advice and services on a timely basis.

Our professionals are knowledgeable, accessible and work closely with our clients to ensure timely execution of any assignment.

Matthew Ogagavworia & Co team is headed by a dynamic managing partner, Mr. Matthew A. Ogagavworia B.SC, MBA, FCA, ACS ANIM., who has over twenty-four(24) years experience in auditing, accounting and taxation.

 Other members of our management team are:

  • Isreal Kwode, B.Sc, MSC, Consulting
  •   Oliver Okere, B,SC,MBA, ACA, Manager, Consulting
  •  Teddy Okumakube, MBA, F.C.A., Consultant

Comment (1)

  • Dear Matthew Ogagavworia

    Portugal is today one of the most trendy places in the world to invest in real estate and tourism.
    Portugal has also today one of the most attractive citizenship European program ( Portuguese Golden Visa) to attract investors to get a free access to the EU/Schengen area with a potential citizenship after 5 years’ time as well as a great fiscal advantages for non-habitual residents , such as exemption of any taxes related with dividends, add values and inheritance taxes exemption for life.
    Considering all this advantages, 2 of the most credible and experienced Portuguese real estate developers decided to launch in 2022 a new Real Estate/Venture Capital Fund, the Atlanticorp, which is a Fund where the investor will be eligible to get this Golden Visa program, when acquiring UP(Participation units of a minimum of €500 000) with also an ambitious goal of delivering some 6-8% year return to each investor.
    As you might be aware Portugal is now becoming a very” trendy” destination for international investors mostly due to the very attractive tax regime and the Golden Visa program.
    As a consequence , we have noticed lately a greater interest also from African investors in getting a lot of information about our Fund and the Portuguese Golden Visa program.
    Assuming that we are not specialist on the African market, we believe the best way to follow this interest would be to have an international family office/ wealth management/legal advisory firm with whom we could have a partnership, happy to study and analyze this potential clients interests.
    I believe your comapny Matog Consulting with such a large operation in Nigeria would perfectly fit into this kind of operation and partnership. Could this be interesting ? If so, I suggest a call, to know each other and to analyze future possibilities.
    My mobile / WhatsApp : + 351 969852222
    Diogo Gaspar Ferreira
    MD- Atlanticorp mFund

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